By Jennifer Strom

Print for digital

This report presents a set of “best practices” for digital media organizations seeking to launch print products. Seventeen U.S. based, English language news organizations were surveyed. Among the key findings: Print products can bring in new advertisers and audiences — but need to be distinct from core online offerings. And they often mean hard work without guaranteed results.

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Who We Surveyed and Why

Best Practices for Revenue Generation

Best Practices for Revenue Generation

  • Seek new business from advertisers whose online presence is limited
  • Set print advertising rates strategically
  • Make it easy and attractive for advertisers to buy packages on both platforms
  • Exploit the advantages of print for creative advertising
Best Practices for Audience Acquisition

Best Practices for Audience Acquisition

  • Be really clear who your audience for a proposed print product is.
  • Identify gaps in your local market and look for ways to fill them with print.
  • Leverage the advantages of the print platform to add value to existing online offerings.
Best Practices for Operations

Best Practices for Operations

  • Educate yourself about the print industry, it is very different from digital operations
  • Don’t underestimate the soft costs, especially workload
  • Keep hard costs down wherever possible, even on your first issue
  • Make every extra task you take on count
  • Draw on existing resources
  • Re-evaluate regularly

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About the Author


Jennifer Strom is a veteran journalist and media consultant with a background in traditional, alternative and online media who firmly believes print is not dead. Her recent projects include helping launch paper-and-ink publications for two digital-native media companies: the Catskills Food Guide, an annual guide published by upstate New York’s Watershed Post, and The Lo-Down Magazine, a monthly magazine published by Manhattan’s hyperlocal news site The Lo-Down.

Prior to embracing the digital age, Strom worked in local news at dailies in Maryland and North Carolina and as an investigative reporter and managing editor at North Carolina’s respected alt-weekly, Indy Week.

In June 2015, Strom founded Catskill Eats, an online publication covering agriculture, restaurants and the local food movement in the Catskill Mountain region of New York State.

Strom is a 1989 graduate of the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland-College Park.