Research Fellows and Projects Announced For Spring 2013.

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The Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism at CUNY is pleased to announce the launch of several research projects for Spring 2013, as well as the awarding of our very first Doctoral and External Faculty Fellowships. Please see the complete list of Fellows in the following post.

Mapping the New Jersey Media Ecosystem

As part of a collaboration with Montclair State University, the New Jersey News Commons, and the Rutgers School of Communication and Information, the Tow-Knight Center will be producing a report on the state of the New Jersey media ecosystem. Who is producing public interest news content in the Garden State? How does that news “move”? What are the areas of ecosystemic strain, and where might the opportunities lie to do good work in new ways? The report will include an overview of state media, information on news audiences, a beta-stage map of public interest news producers, and more. Rutgers PhD student Kate McCollough will be completing research on the overall state of journalism, and initial findings were presented in January at the Eagleton Institute for Public Affairs.

The Future of Journalism School

NYU PhD candidates Caitlin Petre and Max Besbris will be bringing their expertise in the sociologies of knowledge and the professions to bear on a study of the future of journalism school. Their primary contribution will be to add robust empirical data to the debate over how J-Schools envision themselves in the digital age. They are currently conducting more than 100 semi-structured interviews with deans, program directors, faculty members (including adjuncts, professors of practice, and tenured professors), and career services personnel at 40 journalism programs across the country in an attempt to determine how these schools think about their role in the digital information economy.

The Journalism Jobs of Today, Tomorrow, and the Distant Future

University of Memphis Assistant Professor and Tow-Knight Fellow Carrie Brown will be supplementing the journalism school analysis with the first stage of long-term research on the different ways news industry understands its’ future job needs. What are the journalism jobs of today, tomorrow, and the distant future? How does the industry understand the role played by technology, tools, and training when it comes to making hiring decisions? The journalism-school research and the industry research will mark a one-two punch in understanding the actual relationship between j-school and the news business, buttressed by real data.

Understanding Impact

Finally, the Tow-Knight Center at CUNY will be launching a preliminary research project on the different ways news organizations think about and technologically embody their public “impact.” In what way do technological affordances determine how news organizations understand impact? What factors might be responsible for differences in thinking about what impact is and why it matters?

We hope to keep this research page updated on all of these initiatives as they come to fruition. Please watch this space for RFPs and announcements about initiatives for the 2013-2014 calendar year.

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