Noah Rosenberg Pitches Narratively

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After completing the Tow-Knight/CUNY Graduate School of Journalism’s Spring 2012 Entrepreneurial Journalism Program, Noah Rosenberg has been busy developing Narratively, his multimedia journalism startup. Noah is currently raising funds for the project via Kickstarter. Here’s his pitch:

From Noah Rosenberg:
I’d like to very quickly introduce you to a project I’ve been working on for the past two years with the help of many other journalists who’ve contributed to outlets like The New York Times, New York magazine, CNN and The New Yorker. It’s a digital multimedia magazine called Narratively, devoted to NYC’s untold stories. We’re launching in New York in early September but have plans to come to a city near you in the future. I hope you’ll take a quick look at our Kickstarter video or the short write-up that accompanies it, and consider pledging your support and spreading the word (here are links to tweet & share on Facebook if you see fit). We offer some great pledge rewards, ranging from custom smartphone cases to private photo sessions, storytelling workshops, behind-the-scenes parties, and Narratively sponsorships.

We’re doing something pretty innovative for local journalism but need your help getting off the ground.

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